Car servicing is integral when ensuring your vehicle maintains a good health – and we are able to carry out all aspects of servicing for all makes and models. No job is too small (just ask any of the younger Post women who bring their cars in just for windscreen washer fluid!) or too big. From oil and filter changes to full services and everything in between, we will ensure that your car is running at its best. As we do for our family, we will service your car up to a standard rather than down to a price, so that you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the best possible hands – ensuring that you are safe when driving it away.


At our fully equipped workshop we are able to carry out 99% of vehicle repairs in house, anything from tyre pressure checks to complete engine, gearbox, wiring harness replacements. Additionally, if you are looking for a second opinion after receiving advice on a repair that has been made, or has been advised to be made, come and see us. We do not carry out body work repairs to vehicles; however we do have a small handful of body-shops that we trust, so can easily put you in contact with them.

Collection & Delivery

Being a large and busy family, we understand the difficulty of arranging to drop off your vehicle, as well as maintaining your usual day-to-day routine. Therefore, we offer a free collection and delivery service for all our customers within a 10-mile radius*. Additionally, if it is more convenient for you to drop your vehicle off on your way to work, we can organise for a member of our team to greet you at our workshop, even if it is outside of our opening hours (rather than parking the vehicle and hoping you have put the keys in the correct letterbox). We can then drop you to work*, to save you needing to arrange transport for the remainder of the journey.

Air Conditioning

Over 90% of new vehicles sold in the UK are equipped with air conditioning, showing it is becoming an important aspect of car servicing. There are many different types used by manufacturers from manual controls to the latest tri-zone climate control systems. Our team our fully trained and certified to carry out all forms of air conditioning maintenance, from a simple re-gas through to a full diagnosis of a fault and repair.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, or ‘tracking’ as it is often referred to, is a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Manufactures use multi-link and adjustment suspension designs while increasing the sizes of wheels to benefit handling at high and low speeds. No longer is a simple ‘toe-in/ toe-out’ sufficient to ensure your vehicle handles as the manufacture intended. The correct vehicle wheel alignment is also vital for helping fuel economy and extending tyre life, therefore saving you money.


The majority of road vehicles over three years old require an annual MOT. The test has been designed to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive for you, other road users and pedestrians, as well as ensuring that your car complies with national safety standards.

If it is your vehicle’s first MOT, or you would like to use a new garage for your annual testing, then look no further. We are able to arrange and submit vehicles for class IV (4) and class VII (7).


In the unfortunate event of your vehicle breaking down, we are only a phone call away and will be on our way to you as soon as possible. Our recovery truck has 7 seats (6 excluding the driver) so there is no need to arrange for someone to come and pick you or your family up as we can recover your vehicle to an address of your choice, as well as yourselves. We offer discounted recovery prices when your vehicle is recovered to our workshop for repair.


The cambelt or timing belt is a critical part of your engine, connecting the valvetrain (camshaft) to the crankshaft whilst ensuring that the valves in your engine open at exactly the right moment. The cambelt is classed as a perishable item by manufactures and must be replaced at manufacturer’s recommended intervals to avoid extensive and expensive engine damage.


There is a common misconception that a vehicle code read is the same as vehicle diagnostics. The issue with this is that when a warning light comes on, it is because one of the vehicles control units has a fault code due to a component or wiring issue that is no longer within manufactures tolerances built into the control units. This is where a code read often happens. Unfortunately a code in a control unit does not necessarily mean that the component the code is relating to is at fault.


The clutch is a vital component on all manual and certain semi auto/ fully automatic gearboxes. The clutch transfers the engine rotation to the gearbox in order to provide drive to the road wheels. Commonly the clutch is called a clutch kit. This is because it comprises of at least two parts; a clutch/friction disc; and a pressure plate. Depending on the system the vehicle manufacture has used, it will also have either a release bearing or a concentric slave cylinder.