What Can We Do For You?

Car servicing is integral when ensuring your vehicle maintains a good health – and we are able to carry out all aspects of servicing for all makes and models. No job is too small (just ask any of the younger Post women who bring their cars in just for windscreen washer fluid!) or too big. From oil and filter changes to full services and everything in between, we will ensure that your car is running at its best. As we do for our family, we will service your car up to a standard rather than down to a price, so that you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the best possible hands – ensuring that you are safe when driving it away.

Benefits of Regular Servicing

  • Increased safety for you, your passengers and other road users,
  • Improved driveability
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Reduces the chance of unexpected breakdowns
  • Early identification of possible issues
  • Ensures that together we can help you budget for repairs
  • Improved chance of a first time pass during its MOT
  • Peace of mind that your car is in a road worthy condition

Why Service My Car?

Cars are a big investment, as well as being an integral part of your day to day life. Regular servicing ensures that your car is well looked after and running at its best.

When you choose us to service your vehicle, we will ensure it operates as efficiently and safely as the manufacturer intended. We use our extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment to identify issues that could arise in the future, causing large repair bills and/or breakdowns at the most inconvenient times.

We are able to carry out vehicle servicing without affecting your vehicle’s manufacture warranty due to the fact that we use genuine parts and follow the manufacturer’s service schedules (in line with the European Union Block Exemption).