The majority of road vehicles over three years old require an annual MOT. The test has been designed to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive for you, other road users and pedestrians, as well as ensuring that your car complies with national safety standards.

If it is your vehicle’s first MOT, or you would like to use a new garage for your annual testing, then look no further. We are able to arrange and submit vehicles for class IV (4) and class VII (7).

What is covered by a MOT Test?

  • Exterior lighting and signally systems,
  • Steering and suspension components,
  • Braking systems and components along with braking efficiency,
  • Wheel and tyre conditions,
  • Body and structure including bumpers,
  • Undertray security,
  • Emissions control components and test,
  • Diesel particulate filter tampering,
  • Fluid leaks from various vehicle components,
  • Warning light(s) illuminated on the dash,
  • Seat belts,
  • Seat security.

Colin Post Motor Engineers MOT service:

  • We do not currently MOT on site; this means that the testing station we use has no benefit to fail your vehicle for extra work. Therefore you are guaranteed a honest and fair MOT test.
  • We check the operation of lights, wipers and washers to avoid failures.
  • We can carry out a pre-MOT check if required to advise any possible repairs.
  • Any repair work can be carried out by us, saving you the time, hassle and expense.