What is a Clutch?

The clutch is a vital component on all manual and certain semi auto/ fully automatic gearboxes. The clutch transfers the engine rotation to the gearbox in order to provide drive to the road wheels. Commonly the clutch is called a clutch kit. This is because it comprises of at least two parts; a clutch/friction disc; and a pressure plate. Depending on the system the vehicle manufacture has used, it will also have either a release bearing or a concentric slave cylinder. These three components are always replaced together due to the time involved in replacement. Furthermore, the clutch disc is held against the engine flywheel by the pressure plate. These are also replaced at the same time due to the fact that the springs that apply the pressure to the clutch can weaken over time causing clutch slip.

Do I need my clutch replaced?

To correctly diagnose if you need a replacement clutch kit we would need to have the vehicle at our workshop. But there are a few simple tests you can do at home.

  • Do you get a strange smell in the cabin whilst driving?
  • Is gear selection or changing gear difficult?
  • Does it feel like the vehicle has a lack of engine power?
  • Do you get a RPM serge when letting back off the clutch pedal?
  • With your foot on the brake, can you put the vehicle into first gear and slowly release the clutch pedal without the engine stalling?
  • In extreme cases, does your vehicle have no drive at all?

If you find any of the above true, or are still unsure, give us a call and we can arrange a diagnosis of your vehicle’s fault.

Whether it’s a standard or uprated, clutch we can offer you a competitive estimate on both genuine, aftermarket and uprated clutches.

What is a flywheel?

An engine’s flywheel is used to store rotational inertia/energy to ensure the engine stays in motion in between combustion strokes. Every flywheel is critically balanced to ensure it does not create vibrations that can damage vehicle components and cause the cabin to become an uncomfortable environment. The starter motor connects to the ring gear on the outer edge of the flywheel to enable the engine to start.

When undertaking a clutch kit replacement repair, we will remove the clutch kit before inspecting the condition and operation of the flywheel in order to advise as appropriate.

We do not recommend the ‘retro’ fitment of a solid mass flywheel when manufactured with a duel mass flywheel due to the damping nature of the duel mass flywheel. Solid flywheels do not have this damping nature which can cause internal drivetrain damage leading to expensive bills.