Air Conditioning

Air conditioning service, diagnostic and repairs

Over 90% of new vehicles sold in the UK are equipped with air conditioning, showing it is becoming an important aspect of car servicing. There are many different types used by manufacturers from manual controls to the latest tri-zone climate control systems.

Our team our fully trained and certified to carry out all forms of air conditioning maintenance, from a simple re-gas through to a full diagnosis of a fault and repair.

Benefits of servicing your air conditioning system

  • Air conditioning systems are advised to be serviced every two years to maintain efficient and correct operation.
  • Save money! By ensuring your air conditioning system is operating at optimal efficiency, it ensures the compressor is not being over exerted for prolonged periods, therefore using extra fuel.
  • We advise customers to use their air conditioning system at least once per week to ensure all components and seals are lubricated, in order to prevent premature failure.
  • Using your air conditioning system in the winter months can help clear your windscreen quicker by removing moisture from the air entering the cabin as well as the air recirculating. This means that foggy windscreens will no longer delay your departure time.
  • Air conditioning can also be used while driving to remove the moisture from the air and clear the windscreen to bring visibility back.
  • Pollen/cabin filters are a standard fitment on the majority of vehicles and are often overlooked on a service. Due to this, your air conditioning system can become less efficient. While carrying out an air conditioning service, we check the condition of this filter and if it is necessary to replace it.
  • Unpleasant or musty smells from the cabin of your vehicle can indicate that there is potentially bacteria build up on the surface of the evaporator and associated pipe work. These can lead to respiratory diseases if left untreated. We can offer a cabin sanitation service in conjunction with an air conditioning service to kill off and remove any bacteria. Leaving your cabin with a choice of different fragrances*.

Colin Post Motor Engineers air conditioning service:

  • We carry out a pre and post service system evaluation.
  • Full evacuation of refrigerant and vacuum test before a recharge.
  • Pressure testing carried out to identify leaks easily and efficiently.
  • Recharge of system with the manufactures specified weight of refrigerant, correct oil grade and if required UV leak detection dye added.
  • Diagnostic fault code check to ensure that the air conditioning operates as intended.
  • Pollen filter inspection/replacement**.

*depending on availability

**additional cost